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Your Expectation Changes Your Experience

Understand that your perspectives can blind you.
Your Expectation Changes Your Experience

Your expectations on people and things shape your stereotypes. Stereotype is a way of categorizing information, in the hope of predicting experiences.

When you expect an event to be positive or negative, it often turns out that way. How you feel about the experience can color your experience. When you go to a high-end restaurant, you expect the food to be delicious because it’s expensive and your experience will reflect your expectation. But when you go to a cheap restaurant, even if you’re served the same food, your experience of the food will not be the same.

On top of your expectations, presentation influences the way you experience food, travel, relationships, and entertainment. If you read positive reviews of a restaurant, you’ll have a better experience than you if didn’t read anything.

Acknowledge that you’re trapped by your perspectives, which obscures the truth from you. When you understand this, you’ll get that sometimes you need a neutral third party to resolve conflicts.