Why is Creativity Rare?
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Why is Creativity Rare?

Embrace your creativity. Have the courage to think differently. Don't let the fear of failure restrict you.
Why is Creativity Rare?

Creativity is the act of destroy your old assumptions and create a new idea. Creativity is rare because it’s painful to let go of what you used to believe. It requires you to leave your comfort zone.

The fear of failure will threaten to make you conform, but you must resist. When you try to do something original and unconventional, your friends and family will express their “concerns”. While some of their intentions are good, you need to decide what’s the right thing to do for you.

Embracing creativity doesn’t mean you must abandon all comfort and security. You can play safe in one aspect of your life and take extreme risks in another area where you can afford to lose it all. Entrepreneurs are not gambler. Instead of taking risks blindly, you should be evaluating and calculating the risks to act accordingly.

Entrepreneurs feel the same fear like everyone does, but they act anyway.

The pain of regret is always worse than the pain of failure. Don’t let the fear of failure destroy your creativity.

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