Why Do Smart People Make Bad Decisions?
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Why Do Smart People Make Bad Decisions?

How do you avoid making bad decisions?
Why Do Smart People Make Bad Decisions?

Even the greats fall from grace with just one bad decision. Throughout history, professional decision-makers have made catastrophic decisions that surprised many. The reasons could be due to poor judgment, limited visions or just plain stupidity.

Stupidity haunts us all

Beware of the reasons that will lead you to make bad decisions.

Here are some common mistakes:

Unintentional stupidity. Even if you’re capable of making effective decisions, every variable in your life will contribute to the quality of your decisions. Distractions, fatigue, urgency, greed will all sway you from being wise and push you into the abyss of stupidity.

Lack of precise information. You either don’t have all the information or you have the wrong facts to make a good decision.

You never learned from your mistakes. People with high ego don’t want to face the truth that they have made mistakes before, so they tend to repeat their mistakes in making bad decisions.

When you make an important decision next time, be careful all these potential pitfalls.

I learned this from fs.blog. It’s a great blog on learning and making wise decisions, you should check it out.