What's a Mind Map and Why Use It?
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What's a Mind Map and Why Use It?

Harness the power of mind maps to learn fast and succeed with your projects.
What's a Mind Map and Why Use It?

A mind map is a visual tool you can use to collect, create, manage and exchange information. Concepts and ideas are presented in a graphical and organised manner, arranged around a central concept.

Like a tree, mind maps have branches of ideas connected to the central concept. The elements of mind maps are arranged based on the importance of concepts, with the aim of representing accurate and meaningful connections between ideas. Key concepts are represented in a hierarchical fashion with the general subconcepts closer to the central concept and the details of those subconcepts further away from the central concept.

A mind map adds structure and organisation to random thoughts and dispersed content, making the information easier to remember and apply.

Unleash your brain’s potential with mind maps

Mind maps present relations between ideas, concepts, images or words. Due to the visual nature of mind maps, they’re useful in harnessing the full range of your brain.

This way, your mind will not be overloaded with unorganised information and long sentences which take time to process. Instead, mind maps emphasise on key concepts and clarify their structure and connections. This allows for better and faster learning.

How to use mind maps to excel in everything that you do?

How to Study with Mind Maps: The Concise Learning Method for Students and Lifelong Learners (Expanded Edition)

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