What is boost your post on Facebook?
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What is boost your post on Facebook?

Learn why you should boost your post on Facebook.
What is boost your post on Facebook?

Learn what boosted posts are on Facebook and use them to benefit your business.

After you post on your Page, you can boost that post that turns it into an ad. This is a fast and simple way to reach more people with your content.

The only visual difference between an organic (unpaid) post and a boosted (paid) post is the addition of a “Sponsored” label.

Your organic post may still appear in people’s News Feeds but boosting it help you to increase your reach and chances that more people will engage on. On the backend, you and your admins will see a breakdown of your post’s reach by organic and boosted.

Why boost your post?

Boosting can:

  • Increase the number of people who see it
  • Increase engagment

Where can people see boosted post?

  • Facebook News Feeds
  • Instagram
  • Audience Network (for video posts)