Use Simplicity in Your Writing
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Use Simplicity in Your Writing

On writing better.

You give life to your writing when it’s simple to read.

Simplicity adds punchiness and pace to your writing. Your readers will be able to read from the beginning to the end without stopping.

How do you add simplicity?

Keep your writing tight. Do that by being economical with words.

Avoid jargon and don’t use pretentious word. Good writing doesn’t require unnecessary words. You don’t need to use a word just because you think it makes you sound smart.

You’ll dilute your message if you try to impress.

Use words your readers will understand. Don’t talk down to them, talk straight with them.

Use simplicity to make your writing more honest and sincere. Nobody likes a pompous prick.

Slash these words from you writing if they are:

Redundant — E.g. sum total, sum and total mean the same

Long when they can be short — Utilise = use, inform = tell, numerous = many

Repetitive — Avoid repeating the same words if you don’t need to