Two Notes Tuesday: Time to Take Control of Your Life
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Two Notes Tuesday: Time to Take Control of Your Life

Lessons on taking ownership of your life.
Two Notes Tuesday: Time to Take Control of Your Life
Photo by Pascal Habermann / Unsplash

No negative self-talk

How you talk to yourself internally will impact your long-term thoughts and behaviors. If you always have negative conversation with yourself, the negativity permeates and creates a self-fulfilling prophecy of failure. The weight of negative self-talk will prevent you from succeeding, instead of your circumstances or obstacles.

The good news is that you can use positive self-talk to improve your emotions, heighten your confidence and increase your productivity within rational bounds. When you stop being excessively hard on yourself and consciously change your frame of mind, you’ll find solutions to your problems and will be able to act accordingly.

Take ownership of your life

The quality of your life depends on what you’re willing to put up with. Many problems will weigh over you but very few are completely out of your control.

Instead of seeking to direct the blame elsewhere, take responsibility and take action. Consistent action contributes towards your growth and improvement.

Your willingness to grind and persist through hardship will inflame your potential, encouraging you to take charge of a situation. When you’re willing to take charge, this will allow you to weather stressful events and come out stronger, and eventually find the life you seek to live.