Two Notes Tuesday: The Art of Copy
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Two Notes Tuesday: The Art of Copy

How to make a sale with copy?
Two Notes Tuesday: The Art of Copy
Photo by Eleni Afiontzi / Unsplash

A functional ad

The first objective of any advertisement is to capture the target audience’s attention. If your ad fails to stand out and catch the eyeballs of your audience, it would’ve missed its point.

Invite your audience to pay attention to your ad by including a "hook" of how your product can fulfill their needs or help them solve a problem. Don’t use drawings when you can use a photograph of the product in action to better capture your audience's imagination.

The call to action

Towards the end of your ad, make one final push to persuade the indecisive prospects to buy your offer. The last persuasion can be a sentence or two, or even a short paragraph; it all depends on what you need to make the sale. Restate your strongest selling point by providing a bold recap of what sets your product apart.