Two Notes Tuesday: On Selling and Going Through Adversity
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Two Notes Tuesday: On Selling and Going Through Adversity

Learn how to sell with convincing and persuading people. Be resilient in uncertain times.
Two Notes Tuesday: On Selling and Going Through Adversity

The 3 levels of dealing with adversity

The world is filled with chaos and uncertainty. To protect yourself when adversity strikes, understand and adopt these three mindsets.

Firstly, we must accept that we can’t control everything. Chaos and order coexist in most situations. We must be at ease with the chaos.

Secondly, we must take advantage of the chaos. Leverage on the momentum provided by the chaos to rise higher. Chaos only threatens the existence of order because of its polarising nature. Being able to adapt under chaos will help you identify opportunities during a crisis.

Thirdly, create your own chaos internally. This is when you no longer depend on outer stimulus to create explosive inspirations within you. Because you have become one with chaos, you know how to create it and make the full use of it to drive your actions.

Sales = Convincing + Persuading

Convincing and persuading are not the same. When you convince a prospect, you are getting the person to agree with you. On the other hand, when you persuade the person, you’re getting him to do what you say.

In sales, you convince first then persuade to close the deal.

What is persuasion?
Persuasion is to give good advice in advance.

Your role as a salesperson is to become a “counsellor” or assistant buyer who is merely helping the buyer to make the right decisions. You convince the buyer to agree with you, persuade him based on what’s in it for him, which results in you making the sale.

If you can sell and ride the wave of adversity, success will not be far from you.