Two Notes Tuesday: In Search of Your Purpose
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Two Notes Tuesday: In Search of Your Purpose

Find your purpose in 2022
Two Notes Tuesday: In Search of Your Purpose
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Find your calling

“There are forces within us that come from a deeper place than conscious words can express.” — Einstein

Many people lack purpose; they just want to escape reality. Life becomes dull if you don’t aim to achieve something greater than your survival. Don’t choose this life. Instead, find your purpose and devote your life to living in it. Identifying what drives you will give you a purposeful life.

It’s never too late to strive to live a fulfilled life. You’ll find more satisfaction in life when you discover a vocation. This new year, find a craft to be obsessed with and create something that is uniquely yours. Mastery is your way to be true to yourself.

Invest in yourself

When learning a skill or starting a side hustle, always invest in the best tool(s) within your means. The opportunity costs of the alternative is immense.

The right tools can help improve the efficiency of your output with a minimal input. Invest in force multipliers that can help free up your time to focus on more strategic work. This way, you will be able to optimise the use of your energy and attention on productivity instead of going through the motion.