Two Notes Tuesday: How to Write Better
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Two Notes Tuesday: How to Write Better

Lessons on how to write better.
Two Notes Tuesday: How to Write Better
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What do you want your readers to notice?

Practice close observation and you will begin to notice the extraordinary in the ordinary. In all situations, there’s always something to learn. Similarly, when you consciously take notice of things, the surrounding will have much more to offer.

From a writer’s perspective, what information do you want to introduce to your readers’ attention? Don’t mistake quantity for quality. If you try to cramp too many observations into a single sentence, you risk becoming unintelligible and overwhelm your readers.

Pace your writing. Introduce only the details crucial to that moment or circumstance, so that the reader can zoom in on what you want them to notice.

How to avoid bad writing?

Many people suffer from bad writing because they have never learned to be precise with their writing in the world of generalisation. Good writers avoid unnecessary use of jargon and pompous words. Instead, they employ clarity, common sense, logic, plausibility and precision.

Writing is to put your thinking process into words. When you seek to write clearly and concisely, you train your mind to think through the topic, and find ways to further simplify the delivery. When you choose to get by without clear thinking, it results in unclear writing.

Writing is a manifestation of your thoughts. Once you address and work on the clarity of your thought process, better writing will follow.

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