Two Notes Tuesday: How to Negotiate Better
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Two Notes Tuesday: How to Negotiate Better

Two Notes Tuesday: How to Negotiate Better
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When you’re going into a negotiation, it pays to be mindful of the body language you’re projecting. Without being conscious about it, your body language may unintentionally reveal your motivations and preferences (think Poker face).

Mirroring is the act of aligning your movements, tonality, and energy to mimic another person. When you mirror the other person in a negotiation, you create a feeling of similarity, trust and connection.

Mirroring increases the amount of information the other person is willing to divulge. In your next negotiation, try mirroring the other person by matching their phrases, pace, tone, and energy levels without coming off as imitation or mocking them.

The Law of Involvement (The Ikea Effect)

After putting in effort and being personally involved in a project, people are more likely to be invested in it, and find it more valuable. If you can help people develop a sense of ownership over a project, they will more likely be persuaded.

To increase their involvement, make tasks easier and more achievable, or decrease the number of steps necessary.

Two common involvement techniques that you can use are:

  1. Ask someone for advice or input so they feel valued
  2. Let people try something for free, taking away the barrier to entry

Once people are involved and invested in a product or service that adds value to their life, they will most likely stay a loyal customer.