Two Notes Tuesday: How to Get Things Done
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Two Notes Tuesday: How to Get Things Done

On creating more headspace by getting things done.
Two Notes Tuesday: How to Get Things Done
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Prime your workspace for productivity

Set aside time to prepare a workstation that is conducive, which will enable you to do your best work. Otherwise, a cluttered and disorganised work desk will exhaust your mental energy on the subconscious level. If you are always on the road, set up a micro, travel version of your office so you are always ready to go. If you can, avoid shared spaces so you can do deep work with sharp focus.

The Power of "Next Decision" Action

Cultivate the habit of repeatedly asking “What’s the next action?”. This can help you to relax when it comes to getting things done. It’s a simple question that defines what work looks like on the simplest, most basic level. This question gives you concrete reminders of what actions must be taken next. It is especially useful for those who tend to imagine the worst possible outcomes or those who procrastinate at the thought of a faraway or perceived-as-unattainable outcome. By shifting your energy to “doable” and smaller tasks, you can effectively defeat outcome-based anxiety and experience (micro)progress in your life.