Two Notes Tuesday: Getting the Slight Edge in Life
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Two Notes Tuesday: Getting the Slight Edge in Life

Lessons on entrepreneurship.
Two Notes Tuesday: Getting the Slight Edge in Life
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Busting the Myth: Not All Businesses Need a Vision

Many entrepreneurs don't start off with a clear business vision. They start off with the belief that what they want to do will help someone, and that's it. So instead of forcing yourself to find a vision, look for a way to solve a problem for people.  To focus on whether you are able to serve a need in the market or provide value, you can ask yourself:

  • Is your business helping anyone’s life?
  • Are the people that you help happy?
  • Are you contented with what you do?
  • Are you profitable?

If your business enables you to answer positively to the questions above, what more do you want? Instead of getting bogged down with defining a concrete vision, define what you're doing differently that is adding value to someone else' life.

What gives you the slight edge in life?

What is the difference between entrepreneurs who have suceeded vs. those who have failed? The successful ones have mastered the mundane. They not only trust the process, they love it.

Every day, no matter how mundane the activities are, they keep with the grind. When they’re motivated, they grind more. When they don’t feel like it, they fallback on their discipline and grind anyway. These seemingly small actions contribute to their progress and make up the final success. Sure, they might miss an item along the way, but they'd make it a point never to miss twice in a row. Read more on habits.

In contrast, many who fail in their projects often have a 'reason' to bypass the mundane tasks. It’s easy to skip one minor task, then another, then get captivated by the next shiny thing. As much as great habits have compounded benefits, the tendency to run away from necessary work have long-lasting adverse effects that set precedence for all future behaviour.

What you do everyday matters.

It is the work that seems minor that will have a deafening impact.