Two Notes Tuesday: The Way of Mastery
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Two Notes Tuesday: The Way of Mastery

Notes on how to go from good to great.
Two Notes Tuesday: The Way of Mastery
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The necessity of practice

In dire situations, solvable problems can feel insurmountable when we aren’t able to gather our focus. This can be due to stress, panic attacks or losing our mental focus and falling back on our habitual behaviour.

This is why consistent practice is necessary for us to succeed, especially under unexpected conditions. When we practice a skill often, our thought processes become more refined. With practice, our reactions become more instinctive, which allows us to react more appropriately under duress.

However, to see progress, your practice needs to be conscious.

DOC - The practice mantra

Do, Observe, Correct.

Think about this mantra when you practice any skill. For instance, when you shoot an arrow, instead of obsessing about hitting the target, draw the bow (Do), observe how it feels (Observe), and (Correct) any mistakes after checking if you hit the target.

This practice mantra will shift your focus from the goal to the process and will bring you closer to mastery.