Two Notes Tuesday: Rage Against Resistance
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Two Notes Tuesday: Rage Against Resistance

Lessons from the war of art.
Two Notes Tuesday: Rage Against Resistance
Photo by ALEXANDRE DINAUT / Unsplash

Resistance and procrastination

In life, we’re bound to be faced with resistance at work or when working on projects. Resistance is the feeling we get when we experience a moment of inspiration, but can’t seem to get it to work optimally. This keeps us from realising our full potential.

To do our best work, we must recognise the various forms of resistance. A common form of resistance is procrastination, where we rationalise the delay instead of putting in the work. If you are able to acknowledge that you’re procrastinating, you can consciously shift your focus towards the work required instead of being distracted.

Tools to fight resistance

Believing that you can only work when inspiration hits is giving resistance control over your work. To win the battle against resistance, arm yourself with these good tools to do your best work:

  • Embrace the principle of priority — understand the difference between urgency and importance. Your true work is important and must be done before the seemingly urgent.
  • Be patient — know that good work will take time. Don’t waste energy rushing through something that could have been better delivered with a little more deliberation and dedication.