Two Notes Tuesday: On Greatness and Profit
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Two Notes Tuesday: On Greatness and Profit

On being good at what you do and making a profit from it.

Be great at your job

If you seek achievements and want to leave mediocrity behind, you must first accept that greatness starts with your day-to-day actions. Start with your job. Put in the work. You’ll start recognising the competency within you and you’ll be on your way to success.

Your quest is to continue improving on a daily basis by learn new skills that will help you make better decisions in life. An essential part of life is evolution. You must always think about how to invest in, and improve your brand, marketing, product and everything you do.

Focus on getting paid

Be it your day job or side hustle, every moment that you work should be spent focusing on what gets you paid. Hone your skills and leverage on your competency. Don’t tunnel in on what you can achieve alone. Scale and lead your team so that they can deliver work effectively. Understand the strength of your team and empower them to make smart decisions that can increase your profit margin. By identifying the decisions and actions that get you the greatest return on investment, you can work on getting paid.