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"The best investment is in the tools of one's own trade."
— Benjamin Franklin

Ki Book Club: Books Distilled

The more books you read, the more tools you will have in your arsenal to win in life.

If you want to read more but you don’t have enough time in the day, check out Ki Book Club – a Netlfix for book summaries.

Ki Book Club helps you to extract the essential points from a book and let you apply the lessons straight into your life. Invest in your potential, not Netflix. Let Ki Book Club saves time for you so you can focus on the important things in life.

For the price of just two latte, you can become your best self.

Vizier: The Secret to Power

Get Vizier | Acquire power in life

Life is a power game. At work, in negotiations, in your social circle, you either impose your will or others impose their will on you.

In your quest for power, you must have encountered frustrations and disappointment.

Say “no more” to strategic failures, tactical blunders and wasted energy.

The wisdom in Vizier is written to give you an edge over your competition. When you get Vizier, you will have access to actionable advice and systematic approaches for those seeking to climb the ladder of power.

Aren’t you tired of being a miserable nobody?

Within these pages, you’ll find tried and true methods for gaining, solidifying and extending your power.

These techniques and mental frameworks have been collected from across the world, from the greatest masters of social domination in history, and along every imaginable path to power and influence.

You’ll learn:

  1. Foundational lessons and techniques to power
  2. Weaponised psychology
  3. Subtle strategic frameworks
  4. The propagandist’s toolkit
  5. Common weaknesses and how to exploit them
  6. Information warfare
  7. Devious dirty tricks.

You’ll know how to put the pieces together and see the big picture.

Power is always a nice-to-have until you really need it. Learn how to manipulate, coerce and ensure your targets without them ever becoming aware of the magnitude of your influence over them.

Let Vizier unleash your greatness and protect yourself from the machinations of lesser men.

Claim your power.

Vizier is written by @DentesLeo, follow him on Twitter.