Tools to Defeat Distractions
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Tools to Defeat Distractions

You must be able to do deep work in a world where everyone is distracted. Mastery comes from diving deep, you can’t find excellence in the shallows.
Tools to Defeat Distractions

Deep work is rare and precious in this world of distractions. Notifications, advertisements and social media are competing for your attention. If you don’t have a strategy to bring yourself into the present, you’ll get lost in the realm of fluff and mediocrity.

Here are some tools to keep you away from procrastination and focus on what matters most — your work:

5-minute rule

No matter how you’re feeling — Start. Dhow up and you can take a break after five minutes. But above all else, you must start. Once you start, you’ll continue. Momentum only works once you kickstart the ignition.

Pomodoro Technique

1 pomodoro is 25 minutes. Break your work into chunks of pomodoros. You can take a 5-minute break after 1 pomodoro. Don’t use your phone or browse any irrelevant sites during the 25 minutes. This self-imposed time limit will force you to focus and produce the most effective work. This method is proven to be useful for focus and prevent distractions.

I use the Forest (iOS) app for this method. For every 25 minutes of focus, I get to build a tree in my virtual land. Once I’ve accumulated enough trees, I can convert them into a real tree. I get to do better work and the world literally becomes a better place with each segment of deep work.

Never stop after a failure

When you fail in achieving the goal of your work, don’t stop. Your only finishing line is marked by success. Cultivate this habit of maintaining the motivation and keeping your spirit high until you succeed will make you desensitize from failure.

Schedule your work time

You’re more likely to work when you’ve fixed a slot in your calendar where you promise yourself that you will do X at Y. Keep your words. Your future self will thank you.

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