The Soft Zone of Flow State
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The Soft Zone of Flow State

How to use soft zone to perform under pressure.
The Soft Zone of Flow State

Zone is where we flow, where our creative mind is most active and we are performing at our best. This is when we are the moment, here and now.

There are two kind of zone: the hard and soft zone.

Hard zone is where we demand the outside world to be cooperative and everything to be under controlled. Only upon our perceived ideal conditions can we perform at our optimum.

Hard zone is brittle, easy to break under any pressure and distraction.

The soft zone is the opposite. The outer world can be harsh but our inner zone remains unchanged. The peace within us flows with every adversity, integrating any ripples of life that comes into our creative moment.

In the Chinese saying, this is without “me”. Where we let the moment flow through us, and we become the moment.

Soft zone is resilient, like a glade of grass that is strong and can withstand the harshest of wind, not because it fights against it but because it flows with it.

Get into the soft zone.

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