The Secret to be Effective at Your Work
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The Secret to be Effective at Your Work

First things first, that’s how you get things done.
The Secret to be Effective at Your Work

Concentration is the secret of effectiveness. To be an effective executive, you have to do first things first and do one thing at a time.

Sort out your to-do lists.

Follow the Eisenhower matrix:

The Eisenhower Matrix

Your “first things” are the important and urgent. These are task that you need to get to it immediately. Don’t waste your time because it’s limited no matter how good your time management is.

Focus your attention and creativity on the areas that you can contribute the most to be effective. The more you concentrate in achieving results rather than being busy, the greater your achievements will be. However, in order for you to have time to focus on your important and urgent tasks, you need to develop the discipline and iron determination to say “no” more often so you don’t get caught in the trap of busyness.

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