Use Copywriting to Sell, Not to Entertain
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Use Copywriting to Sell, Not to Entertain

Reminder for copywriters: sell to your customers. You are not a clown that amuses them
Use Copywriting to Sell, Not to Entertain

The ultimate purpose of copywriting is to sell. All else is fluff. Yes, copywriting can be funny, emotional and entertaining but it must sell the product, service or idea in the end. This is a point that many self-proclaimed copywriters missed.

A copywriter is a salesperson behind a typewriter. — Judith Charles

You can be a boring copywriter but if you can sell with your copy, you’re a successful copywriter.

When choosing between a creative copy and one that sells, always choose the one that sells if your end goal is to make a profit.

Remember, you’re writing to sell, not to win an Oscar.

Anyway, most consumers are turned off by advertisements that try hard to be funny. Even if an advertisement is funny, consumers will remember the funny ad but not the product.

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