The Process of Web Design Begins with Content
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The Process of Web Design Begins with Content

Lessons from The Modern Web Design Process.

Developing a Content Strategy is important because content is why people visit a website. The web design is the vehicle to present the information in a pleasant, logical, and organised way while adding functionality and style.

When you begin your web design process with content, your design can be shaped around the core concept. This focus allows your design to highlight the content and improve user experience.

The content development process is essential for both your design and your client’s objectives, so you need to include your client in the journey. Begin with the macro level, what does your client’s audience look for? What do they need to know about your client that is not obvious? What are the misconceptions on your clients? Create a bulleted list of these topics, you will gain clarity on the categories of content you’ll need to work with.

Interview you client about the details to answer these questions. A client will explain things better when he is talking versus feeling the pressure to explain something in writing.