The OODA Loop In Business
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The OODA Loop In Business

Lesson from The Creator's Code.

In every business, the better your OODA loop is, the bigger your business will grow. A great OODA loop allows you to perform more in lesser time, which adds up to a significant exponential advantage.

The OODA loop is:

  1. OBSERVE all the data you can about your current situation. If you can quickly and accurately notice the inconsistencies between your reality and expectations, you'll be able to close the gap.
  2. ORIENT by tuning out the noise so you can focus on the signal - the relevant information. Once you have observed a variety of information, you can orient on a solution.
  3. DECIDE your course of action accordingly. Information is useless until you use them to make decisions. In a fast-pace business, rapid decisions are crucial so you need to improve on observing and orienting situation and solutions.
  4. ACT on your decisions. Then return to observing again so you can calibrate your Observe, Orient, Decide and Act loop. The quicker your OODA loop is, the further ahead you'll be compared to your competitors.