Stay Away From the Passion Trap
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Stay Away From the Passion Trap

You shouldn’t follow your passion because of 3 reasons.
Stay Away From the Passion Trap

Everyone tells you to follow your passion and do what you love. It sounds romantic and gives a sense of grandeur. But this advice lacks practicality. Steve Jobs was passionate about dance and history but he achieved greatness when he sold computer parts that led him to build Apple.

If you want to have a remarkable career, you shouldn’t follow your passion because of three reasons:

  1. Few people succeed in making their hobby into a career. Hobbyists careers are rare. There are many people who love playing basketball yet only so little of them become an NBA star. Additionally, you’ll likely lose interest in your hobby when it’s the sole medium between you and food on the table.

  2. Your passion may not be your calling. A calling is where your identity meets your work. As you develop mastery in your career because you constantly improve in your work skills, your career has a high chance of becoming your calling because of how good you’ve become. The more competent you are, the more you’ll love the work you do.

  3. Passion is the bonus of mastery. You don’t find passion spontaneously in the moment. Passion emerges when you attain mastery of your craft.

Don’t find the work that you love, find the love in your work.

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