Seek the Truth, Question Everything
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Seek the Truth, Question Everything

Don't believe everything you heard or read. Question to find the truth.
Seek the Truth, Question Everything

People don’t think for themselves anymore. Trapped in the constant news cycle, they believe any narrative the media and public are pushing. Many of these claims appear to be true yet most likely are false. If you don’t want to be deceived by fake news, you have to be a skeptic.

Skeptics seek the truth. While you should listen to people for information, but you should ask tough questions and always demands evidence. Anyone can be a skeptic, but it’s not easy to investigate and question everything. Being an average skeptic means you just don’t believe anything. But to find the truth, you must expand the skepticism.

Withhold your beliefs on a claim until you see the evidence. Be willing to change your mind when you’re presented with new evidence, don’t be afraid to say “I don’t know.”

It’s counterintuitive, but skepticism isn’t negative. It’s constructive and optimistic. You remove the false information in your head, and you only retain the truth. You show self-respect to your intelligence because you only accept the truth.

Whenever somebody gives your their thoughts, challenge them to provide evidence, especially if they’re selling something to you.

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