Rapid Fire on Productivity Tips
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Rapid Fire on Productivity Tips

Improve your life by working better.
Rapid Fire on Productivity Tips

Your time a day is limited, don’t waste any single second.

Here are some quick tips for you to improve your productivity right away:

  • Get rid of the paper work — the corporate world is filled with meaningless documents that stop you in your track of deep work. Set aside time to deal with the paper work, don’t let it interfere your productive work intermittently.
  • Should you continue — don’t fall into the trap of being obsessed over a task just for the sake of completion. Ask yourself: why are you doing this? What problem are you solving? What do you want to achieve? Can you do it in an easier way? Is this worth it?
  • Shun interruptions — many will attempt to interrupt you throughout the day. You need to how to guard your time, disconnect from the world and do your work. You do your best work with zero distractions.
  • Don’t fear good enough — perfection is procrastination in disguise. As long as you find a solution that performs with the maximum efficiency with minimum effort, you’re good.
  • Build momentum with quick wins — positive results gives you motivation to do the next task. Accomplish a series of small tasks will drive you to your endgame quicker than you think.
  • It’s ok to give up — if the task you’re working on isn’t worth it, don’t be afraid to walk away and work on something that gives you more value.
  • Make your to-do list short — long lists don’t get done. Prioritise what’s important, then do them. Long lists serve as nothing but guilty trips machine.