Prune Out Inefficiencies and Ineffectiveness
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Prune Out Inefficiencies and Ineffectiveness

Don't fear the decisions of yesterday.
Prune Out Inefficiencies and Ineffectiveness

The first step to concentrate your efforts at your work is to remove the past operations that are no longer productive.

Review your strategy and execution plan regularly,  ask yourself — if you were not doing this already, would you do it now? If your answer is not an unconditional “yes”, remove this task immediately. Don’t put any more resources into this because you’re wasting time and resources.

As the leader of a company, you’re always refining what your organisation did in the past. Today’s result is always caused by actions and decisions taken yesterday. Your goal should be weeding out yesterday’s decisions that caused inefficiency and ineffectiveness results today.

In addition, you should invest more on previous successes that keep on giving results.

If your aim is to be effective, and it should be, to your company, you should always question all activities and policies, ask the question — is this still worth doing? If it isn’t, get rid of it.