On Staying Committed to Entrepreneurship
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On Staying Committed to Entrepreneurship

Lessons for you to hold on to your entrepreneurship journey.
On Staying Committed to Entrepreneurship

If you choose the path of entrepreneurship, you’ve chosen a life of busy trying to grow your business while your peers will likely be enjoying some early success in life.

This can be frustrating. But as an entrepreneur, you must follow through on your commitment.

There will be enormous stress. Other people and obligations in your life will compete for your time and resources, but you must persist with courage and confident.

Here are some lessons for you to hold on to in your journey as an entrepreneur:

  1. Don’t run out of money. Money doesn’t just buy you resources to create a product, it also buys time.
  2. A great idea isn’t enough. You need relentless execution and the ability to spin off new ideas to adapt to changing circumstances.
  3. Learn how to sell. An entrepreneur is a salesman who sells an idea.
  4. Develop the skills of self-sufficiency and self-creation, pull your ideas up by their bootstraps.
  5. Instead of asking “why”, ask “why not?”

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