On Making Effective Decisions
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On Making Effective Decisions

Lessons from the Effective Executive.

Every decision is a judgment call. You’re valued by how good a judgment you can make. There is hardly a right or wrong choice. The reality that we live in often presents us a choice between two conflicting courses of actions.

Contrary to popular belief, decision making begins with opinions and not facts because you must make a decision on the criteria of relevance before you can determine what a fact is.

An effective executive starts to evaluate a situation with an opinion, a hypothesis to be tested against reality. Then, he gathers the facts to conduct the experiment against reality.

To be effective, the executive asks what is the criteria of relevance for each opinion and facts, he puts a great deal of work and thought into finding the most appropriate measurement. He assumes the traditional measurement is not the right measurement because if it is, then a simple adjustment would do. The traditional measurement is yesterday’s decision. The best way to find the appropriate measurement is to look for accurate feedback.