On Being Seen and Understood by Your Customers
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On Being Seen and Understood by Your Customers

How to grab the attention of your prospects so they buy from you.
On Being Seen and Understood by Your Customers

Pretty websites are pleasant to look at but they don’t sell your products as much as your stories would.

Your customers will only listen to you if you have a clear and relevant message. The simpler and more predictable your message, the easier it is for your audience to digest.

Stories sell because they are a mechanism that makes sense for your audience. Stories put your message in perspective in context so your audience doesn’t need to think much to understand.

Your audience will care about your product if what you’re saying help them meet their needs of survival by helping them:

  • eat
  • mate
  • fall in love
  • build a tribe
  • experience a sense of meaning

The common mistakes that brands make:

  1. They fail to focus on survival so their message doesn’t convey a sense of urgency
  2. They make customers think too hard.
Communication should be simple.

The competition for your customer’s attention is fierce because everyone try to avoid advertisements. People don’t like to be interrupted with irrelevant content. On the other hand, people love stories. Stories give context to what a product can do in a person’s life.

So, go out there and tell your customers a story of how your product can change their life.