Don't Silence Your Inner Voice. Find Your Purpose
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Don't Silence Your Inner Voice. Find Your Purpose

Discover what you are put here on earth to do and live a fulfilled life.
Don't Silence Your Inner Voice. Find Your Purpose

“There are forces within us that come from a deeper place than conscious words can express.” — Einstein

You’ve to discover the vocation within you to live your purpose. When you find what drives you, you’ll be obsess with the craft and produce a creation that can only come from your brilliance.

A life without an aim to achieve something greater than your survival is dull. If you ignore your inner voice long enough, you’ll lose the life force that rejuvenate you every day even amidst challenges and rock bottoms. When you try to please everyone and meet the society’s expectations, you’re silencing your inner genius.

The modern men lack purpose, they just want to escape reality. Don’t choose this life. Instead, find your purpose and devote every second of your life to living in it. Mastery is your way to be true to yourself.

Use these four methods to discover your calling:

  1. Origins: Revisit your childhood, think about what thrills you as a kid. Go back to those times that made you feel alive, draw power from those moments. You can often find your purpose when your mind hasn’t been clouded by society’s stereotypes. Einstein and Leonardo Da Vinci succeeded in their crafts because they never forgotten the moments in their childhood that sparked their curiosity.
  2. Niche: No matter how small your niche is, be resilient in developing in the field. The major niches are heavily dominated by competitions anyway. You don’t need to care about who is watching and what you will get from your narrow niche, mastery of any kind will be noticed, appreciated and rewarded.
  3. Rebellion: People get distracted from their true calling by fame, money or attention. But you must wake up. Fight those temptations with passionate rage and seek your vocation, even if your inner voice will not be liked by the people around you. You must let your inner voice be heard, never deprive the world of your potential. Manifest your talent with grit, hard work and genius.
  4. Adaptation: If uncontrollable life situations prevent you from pursuing your path, know that there is more than one way to your promised land. Even Stephen Hawkins could write a book, you have no excuse not to live your purpose in any way that is possible.

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