Two Notes Tuesday: Key Qualities of An Entrepreneur
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Two Notes Tuesday: Key Qualities of An Entrepreneur

The importance of being punctual and delegation.
Two Notes Tuesday: Key Qualities of An Entrepreneur

Be punctual or be rejected

Successful people manage their time effectively and are always punctual. They don’t want to waste their time and they treat others’ time with respect.

If you can’t be trusted with keeping time, how can you be trusted in business? A tardy person exposes his fundamental indecency and lack of respect for both time and opinion for others.

Be punctual consistently and people will take you seriously. People who don’t make the effort to be punctual can’t be trusted.

Work to fire yourself

If you’re like every other entrepreneur, you believe that you can do everything. And when you’re starting your own business, you want to do everything because you believe that you alone can execute your strategy to perfection.

Delegation is difficult for entrepreneurs who want to make sure everything is running in line with their vision. But an entrepreneur must change this mindset. Understand that sometimes, good is good enough. You have to let some things slide so that your team can progress to focus on more critical tasks.

Start to deliberately practice patience and willpower in delegation. As the founder, your task is to grow the business. Hire experts who can execute your strategy for you.

Finally, work towards firing yourself so that the business can run autonomously. That way, you can focus on the greater vision while also reaping the benefits to spend time on other things that make you happy.

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