How to Speed Read: Scan First
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How to Speed Read: Scan First

Lessons from Speed Reading.
How to Speed Read: Scan First
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If you want to read faster, you need to first scan the text before reading. Skim through the table of contents, headings, bolded or italicized words, visuals, and other important information.

The purpose of the scanning of text is to prepare your mind for the information's presentation, organization, and the bird eye view of the connection of information.

When you read, your mind constantly makes predictions about what is coming next and will react accordingly. If you interpret content based on what you think the text will say, you will keep making wrong predictions and mistakes. If you scan the text before reading, your mind references the preview and confirms its predictions, which will improve your reading speed and comprehension.

Prioritize your scanning with THIEVES:

  • Title
  • Headings
  • Introduction
  • Every word in bold, underline, quote, and italics
  • Visual aids
  • End of chapter questions
  • Summary/ conclusion.

Preview is preparation.

Spend just under five minutes but don't skip it, because it would disrupt comprehension by disconnection expectations and reality.