How to Live an Intentional Life
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How to Live an Intentional Life

You must wake up from day dreams and stop being a walking dead. Life is meant to be lived. Quit going through the motion.
How to Live an Intentional Life

You must first create your starting point to know where you stand.

This starting point guides you into where you want to go and what you want to defend.

The first step of establishing your ground zero is to face fear that is natural to all of us. You must learn to understand, face and use it.

The next step is to stand by your your ideas. You must have values that are unshakable. Think integrity, loyalty, transcendence, wisdom.

The final step is to find your passion. What drives you? Find out. What inspires you? What are you great at? What do you find meaningful? What impact will you make? What would you do with unlimited time?

Uncover your purpose once you have done all three. Your ideal life becomes a destiny, not just a daydream.

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