Becoming a Fast Learner
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Becoming a Fast Learner

The world is getting more competitive. Learning how to learn is the sharpest edge that you can have over your competitions.
Becoming a Fast Learner

If you can become a fast learner, you will speed up your progress in your career or business, making you indispensable to your company and customers. In a world where people have many skill sets, it pays to be a specialist in a field where you’re the best. Learning how to learn gives you the advantage over your competitor in the battle field of life.

Yes, it will push your mind and emotions to the limit. You’ll need to make sacrifices and invest time. But the benefits are worth it. You will not compete with your peers on the number of total hours. Instead, you’ll outwork them in intensity, initiative and dedication.

How to learn fast?

Before you learn a skill, invest 10% of your total expected learning time into researching the topic. Use the research to create a “map” to your visualised end game.

Ask yourself three questions:

  1. Why are you learning the skill? Is it for your career or do you just find it interesting to learn? Knowing your motivation helps you determine the priority of learning the skill.
  2. What are you trying to learn? Sketch a mind map to predict what the obstacles might be and what the building blocks are. Think about the concepts that may apply and information that you have to memorise.
  3. How will you learn it? Figure out the best learning environment and method. Seek the ideal resources for you to learn the skill in the most time-effective way. Study how others have learned it and adjust their plans to yours.


Mastery is only possible when you focus on the skill with undivided attention. This way, you can dive deep into what constructs the skill.

Start. Sustain. Succeed.

Learning fast is a skill you can learn. The more practice you put into it, the faster you’ll learn a skill.

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