How to Form a Habit
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How to Form a Habit

If you can tap into the power of habits, you can unleash the power of your potential and live a fulfilled life.
How to Form a Habit

Have you had difficulties instilling a habit in your life? If yes, it’s because you aren’t using a habit loop.

A habit can be broken down into this loop:

Cue -> Routine -> Reward


A cue is anything that initiates the habit.


A routine is the action initiated by the cue.


A reward is the prize for performing the action.

If you want an effective way to form a habit, do this:

  1. Find an easy cue
  2. Set clear rewards
  3. Create a craving

In practice, for example, I want to form a habit of running:

  1. So I make it a point to make running the first thing I must do after I wake up at 7am
  2. The reward is that I get to feel refreshed from the cold shower after a run
  3. My craving is the sense of focus I get after I take the cold shower having run at least a mile

With this habit loop, I have successfully created a habit of running even though I was never a runner.

Understand the purpose of habits

The ultimate purpose of cultivating practical habits is efficiency, which let you achieve the most in the least amount of time.

It’s a marathon

The initial stage of instilling a habit always takes significant effort but the brain will adapt with practice, connecting the actions piece by piece until it comes an automatic action — a habit.

Once we have internalise a series of actions into a habit, we can remove it from our conscious mind and perform the habit without thinking the individual actions involved. For instance, we don’t think about how we brush our teeth every day because it’s been internalised into our neural circuit.

Bad habit will ruin you and great habits can change your life. Discard habits that aren’t adding values to your life and start forming habits that let you become the best version of yourself.

Learn more about how you can form great habits here:

The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business

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