How to Execute Like a Leader
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How to Execute Like a Leader

Commit to these 4 disciplines of execution.
How to Execute Like a Leader

To be a great leader, you need a behavioural change to improve performance and response time. To change your behaviour, you need specific goals, commitment, and accountability. These strategies are easier said than done.

You can use the 4 disciplines of execution:

Focus on your true priorities

You can’t get anything done if everything is urgent and important. You have to identify and decide what’s truly important for you to achieve your objectives. Don’t let your brain multitasks, don’t do anything half-heartedly. Focus on your priorities and do them exceptionally, one at a time.

Your priorities must be specific, they must follow the format of:

From X to Y by when.

Execution begins with relentless focus.

How to find out your priorities? Ask yourself: if every other areas of our operation remained at its current level of performance, what is one area where change would have the greatest impact?

Act on lead measures

Lead measures are the things you do to reach the goal.

Focus on what creates results instead of having a tunnel vision on results.

Lead measures must be:

  • Predictive: likely to achieve the goal.
  • Influenceable: directly controllable

Your lead measures must be able to measured quantitatively.

Keep a compelling scoreboard

Your team members will be more motivated when they can see the fruits of their efforts.

Keep a visible scoreboard for them to keep track of what’s working and what’s not.

The scoreboard must:

  • be simple and show just the relevant data
  • be visible
  • specific
  • display what creates results and results
  • be crystal clear on who’s winning

Visibility drives accountability.

Create a cadence of accountability

Long term plans can be disrupted by daily grind. Have short term objectives for the team to set mini wins that will lead to the endgame.

A weekly goal gives your team enough time to stay focused, adaptable, and to measure the correct variables.

Have a weekly sessions to adjust your goals. This encourages experimentation, creativity, and learning while staying structured.

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