How to Create an Action Plan
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How to Create an Action Plan

Plans don't always work, but you always need one.
How to Create an Action Plan

Any plan and knowledge is useless until you’ve translate them into actions. But before any actions can be executed, you’ll need a plan.

In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.
— Dwight Eisenhower

In your plan, you need to determine your envisioned outcome, potential obstacles, conditions, and the allocation of your time.

Ask yourself: what actions you need to perform to achieve the results you want in the timeline that you’ve decided it’s realistic.

Thereafter, evaluate if your actions are ethical and acceptable, then make the appropriate compromise if you need.

Your action plan shouldn’t restrict you from free thinking, it should serve as a statement of intentions and not a commitment. Revise your plan regularly when new opportunities present themselves. Always check your results against your expectations to determine what your next course of actions are.

The action plan has to be the foundation of how you allocate your time — your most precious resource.

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