How to Choose Your First Job.
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How to Choose Your First Job.

There are 5 options that you can choose from.
How to Choose Your First Job.

All successful leaders chose their first job with one of these five ways:

  1. Random: trust your guts. You may not have a precise vision for your career but you just follow where opportunities take you. There’s a risk to this option because you don’t have a compass.
  2. Open-ended exploration: this is a little more focused than choosing a job by random. People who prefer this option are open to surprises and changes, they use the early jobs to explore what they like and dislike.
  3. Close-ended exploration: choose this option when you’re certain about what you want to do as a career. You know where your passions lied and you look out for opportunities in this realm.This is when you examine jobs with a specific career path in mind.
  4. Excellence from convenience: you may be in a job because of family or financial reasons. But you don’t let the situation restricts you. Instead, you use the opportunities to the best of your advantage and thrive in this accidental destiny.
  5. Trailblazing: you don’t find a job that suits your ambition. So you create your own jobs/ niches rather than working in existing careers or companies.