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How to Brainstorm Ideas for Your Business

What problem does your audience have?
How to Brainstorm Ideas for Your Business

When you’re thinking of what business to start, you should start with what’s the problem you want to solve. Don’t think about the products or services that you’re going to sell. Focus on the problem, the solutions can be anything.

Look for a problem

A good problem is one that many people have so you have enough customers. You want to solve problems for people that you can empathize with.

Find where these groups of people are hanging out, and join them. You’ll hear about the problems that they face, what they like. Once you solve a problem for them, their word-of-mouth is your best marketing tool.

A growing problem is even better because more people will have it.

You want the problem to be a valuable one because only then would people would pay to solve it.