Two Notes Tuesday: Fortify Your Emotional Intelligence With 2 Competencies
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Two Notes Tuesday: Fortify Your Emotional Intelligence With 2 Competencies

How to be calm amidst the storm.
Two Notes Tuesday: Fortify Your Emotional Intelligence With 2 Competencies

In a world full of chaos, you need high levels of emotional intelligence to navigate through the obstacles in life. When your logical reasoning and emotions are at war, you need a clear head to make the right decisions.

Instead of fighting against your emotions, you should channel them to your advantage. To do that, you must first understand what emotional intelligence is.

Emotional intelligence is made up of two competencies.

Personal competence

To control your emotions, you need to know what they are. Your emotions are rooted in two factors.

  1. Self-management — your ability to control and use your emotions for positive results. The better you manage your emotions, the better you handle the situations. Train yourself to be patient and you’ll improve your self-management. Patience will help you to handle stressful and confrontational situations. When you can manage your emotions and not get overwhelmed by it, you will be able to maintain composure.
  2. Self-awareness — includes the ability to understand your emotions and what causes them. Self-awareness is the catalyst of your growth. You must reflect on your feelings to be self-aware. When you know yourself, you can manage your emotions and remain clam in the face of chaos. You will not let passion overcome you.

Social competence

After you understand your emotions, you need to learn about other people’s emotions and use them to nurture relationships. This requires you to learn about two factors.

  1. Social awareness — your ability to recognise and understand others’ emotions. Don’t assume you know what people are feeling. Instead, listen closely before you respond. Learn when to stop talking and process the conversation. Listening intentionally will improve your social intelligence.
  2. Relationship management — your ability to build healthy relationships. Always maintain a pleasant and professional attitude. Be sensitive about people’s feelings and culture. Time your compliments and encouragement accordingly to earn the trust and respect of others. Don’t be defensive, reactive or intentionally malicious.

When you develop both your personal and social competence, it will result in improved emotional intelligence which will help you thrive.

As with all things, you don’t develop strong emotional intelligence overnight, you need to make it a habit to practice so that the state of being composed is your second nature.

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