Focus on Learning, Not Winning the System
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Focus on Learning, Not Winning the System

Learning is much more rewarding.
Focus on Learning, Not Winning the System

Be honest to yourself, are you doing things to learn or to win the system?

In every place, there’s a structure that, if you play it right, allows you to succeed. In school, that’s getting good grades. In office, it’s to produce results and make sure your bosses know about your achievements.

It’s rare that you would do something out of the desire for long term learning. When you study for a test, you’re thinking of getting the top score instead of learning. When you work on a project, you want to get it done and learning is the last thing on your mind.

However, if you want to become an efficient learner, you must shift your focus from winning a system to life-long learning. This might mean that you’ve to accept a job where everyone around you is smarter than you so you can grow and learn from them.

This might not be easy because learning feels difficult in the beginning but this will be rewarding in the long term.