Find Your Values
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Find Your Values

You must know what your key values are to perform at your best.
Find Your Values

Self-management begins and ends with your values. My question to you is — what are your values? Your success doesn’t just depend on what you will do, it also depends on what you won’t do. The quest of finding your values starts with what your ethics are.

The Mirror Test

When you wake up in the morning and look into the mirror, what kind of person do you want to see? This is how you find out what your ethics are.

Live your values

If you work in a company that has incompatible or unacceptable values, you’re destined for frustration and nonperformance. You’ll loathe every second of having to work for that company. This is selling your soul.

The conflict between personal and organizational values is disastrous. You need to position yourself at a place where your values are aligned with the organisation you devote your time to.

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