Find Your Unfair Advantages
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Find Your Unfair Advantages

Don’t work against yourself. Find what advantages that are unique to you so you can achieve success quicker.
Find Your Unfair Advantages

Life isn’t fair, but this isn’t an excuse for you to have a victim mindset. You must not use the unfairness as a reason to not strive for your goals and manifest your dreams. Instead, you should seek out your unfair advantages to thrive.

Explore the possible shortcuts that you’re unaware of. Yes, you need hard work, resilience and discipline. But you also need to identify and leverage elements that give you an unfair advantage.

An unfair advantage is a condition, asset or circumstance that puts you in a favourable business position.

All of us have unfair advantages, you just need to find them. Your unfair advantage may be where you were born, who you know, what skills you have and how much money you have.

Your unfair advantages are unique to you. Seek and own them. Ask yourself — what do I have that few other people do? If you have a co-founder, what personal advantage does he have? Always find a co-founder with unfair advantages that balance out yours.

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The Unfair Advantage

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