Elements of A Great Ad: A Checklist
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Elements of A Great Ad: A Checklist

How to make your ads so good that your readers will hand you their cash.
Elements of A Great Ad: A Checklist

As a marketer, the focus of your ad should always be about selling above all else. Get straight to the point with punchy sentences to keep your reader engaged.

To make more sales, your ad must have the following elements:

  • Trigger your prospects desire to buy by highlighting the benefits of your product
  • Good photo to showcase your offer
  • Be personal with your prospects. Show them that you care. People like it when the focus is on them.
  • Take it easy with competitor comparison, you don’t want to be a snob
  • Include testimonials to show social proof
  • Make it easy for your prospects to act on your call to action
  • Create a sense of urgency and scarcity with specific deadlines to appeal to their fear
  • Make sure your ad scream “Sale!”, with phrases “this costs less than a cup of coffee, it’s no more than $1 a day!”

Checklist for your ad

Headline: this is your one-time opportunity to get the attention of your audience. Make sure you’ve done these for your headline:

  • [ ] Include your product’s biggest benefit
  • [ ] Provoke an emotional response in your audience
  • [ ] Bigger and bolder text than your body copy
  • [ ] Appealing and engaging so that your readers keep reading
  • [ ] Strong, convincing and persuasive
  • [ ] Uppercase
  • [ ] If it’s less than 5 words, capitalise them all
  • [ ] Quotes can boost reading of your ad by up to 25%

Body copy: this is where you convince your audience to buy from you.

  • [ ] Does your first sentence, the lead, flow naturally form the headline?
  • [ ] Does it explain the benefits of your products clearly to your readers?
  • [ ] Is your lead strong enough to hook your prospects?
  • [ ] Are you using “you” in your copy?
  • [ ] Did you explain why your prospects should buy from you and not from your competitors?
  • [ ] Does your copy capture attention and stimulate interest?
  • [ ] Does it build desire, offer proof, and call for action?
  • [ ] Are you following the rule that you should only sell one product per ad?
  • [ ] Does your long copy have subsections?
  • [ ] Is it colorful or have visual adjectives to paint a picture?
  • [ ] Is it realistic?
  • [ ] Is it respectful?
  • [ ] Does it evoke an emotional response?
  • [ ] Are you using simple words, and keeping sentences short?
  • [ ] Is everything printed in serif?
  • [ ] Is everything on the web in sans serif?
  • [ ] Do you explain everything the reader must do in a simple, effective manner?
  • [ ] Did you include a deadline?
  • [ ] Did you use testimonials?
  • [ ] Does it have your business name in large font?

Layout and design: you have to look professional.

  • [ ] Is your headline big and bold?
  • [ ] Is the ad easy to read?
  • [ ] Did you white-wrap the ad?
  • [ ] Is the graphic relevant?
  • [ ] Are there no more than 3 typefaces?

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