Beware of 4 Biases in Decision Making
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Beware of 4 Biases in Decision Making

Your life is made up of a series of decisions. The better you are in making decisions, the better your life will be.
Beware of 4 Biases in Decision Making

Whether you realised or not, you have biases in your decision making. If you can catch your own biases when you have to make a decision, you can avoid the pitfall of bad decisions.

Many of us are prone to the following four biases when making decisions:

  1. Narrow framing

Never make the mistakes of limiting yourself to few options. When you restrict yourself to a limited number of choices, you rob yourself of the best opportunities.

  1. Confirmation bias

This is a common trap that many fall into even though they are aware of it. Confirmation bias happens when you look only for data and information that supports what you want to believe. This gives you a false sense of objectivity because you’re doing “research”. The danger of this bias is that you would ignorant to the arguments that might strike down your decision.

  1. Short-term emotion

Sometimes, you get carried away by emotions of the moment and make the wrong call. Whenever you sense a surge of emotions, be it adrenaline, sorrow, anger or excitement, take a step back and let the emotions subside. This way, you’ll make better decisions with rationality and a clearer head.

  1. Ego

Overconfidence is the ally of bad decisions. Never underestimate anything and anyone. Don’t let your ego get in the way of good decisions. Take yourself out of the equation and decide what’s best for the situation.

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