Create a Brand Worth Talking About
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Create a Brand Worth Talking About

How to make people talk about your brand.
Create a Brand Worth Talking About

If nobody talks or uses your product, does it even exist? Building a great product is step one. You need to make your ideas viral for your business to take flight.

Ideas are best spread through word of mouth — it’s the most effective and targeted.

Here are 3 tricks to get people to talk about your ideas:

  1. Uniqueness — make your idea special enough for attention. Find what makes your product remarkable and novel. When your brand is unique, people will want to talk about your idea to look cool.
  2. Gamify your ideas — create tangible achievements in the form of badges and levels that people can boast to their friends. The game and reward system will encourage people to compete and talk more about your brand.
  3. Recruit insiders — make your audience feel like an insider, this gives a sense of exclusivity and scarcity that can make your brand to appear more valuable than it is. Extend your service to by invitation only to create the illusion of privilege. These early adopters will be your best marketers because they want to be in the exclusive club.