Compound Effect in Every Faucet of Your Life
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Compound Effect in Every Faucet of Your Life

Lessons from The Compound Effect.

The compound effect is always working, be it negative or positive. You need to wire your brain and systemise your life in a way that the compound effect works in your favour. Here are some tips to win with compound effect:

  1. Triggers: think about what triggers your habits. Stick to the triggers that lead you to good habits and remove the negative triggers in your life.
  2. Clean up your environment so that you don’t be tempted into performing your bad habits.
  3. Purge your bad habits one by one so only your positive habits compound.
  4. Create an environment where it is convenient for you to perform your good habits. The best gym is always the gym that is closest to you.
  5. Replace your bad habits with your good habits.