Build Your Brand with Good Stories
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Build Your Brand with Good Stories

Don't be a brand of commodity, stand for something.
Build Your Brand with Good Stories

Effective marketers begin with the problem that their target audience wants to solve. The marketers finds a gap in the market where their version of better can make a positive change.

The brand’s calling is to make a difference and offer an opportunity to make things better for the target audience.

Start with quality

Your competitors are very good at what you do, so to compete with them, you must be at the same starting line — providing quality solution.

After that, you can start building a brand.

Avoid being a commodity

If your solution is a commodity, you’ll struggle to find people who will listen to you. The moment you raise your price a little, your audience will just go to a next shop.

When the price of everything is so accessible, people are not afraid to look elsewhere. Your customers know more than you do about your competitors.

Don’t be “anyone”

Branding is about what you stand for so you don’t need to compete

Don’t be a brand of commodity, always afraid of your competitions, always driven by scarcity and focused on the slightest bit of market share.

You have an alternative — to find, build, and earn your story. Tell your audience a good story:

  1. Connect them with their purpose and vision for their life
  2. Allow them to celebrate their strengths by remembering how they got from A to B
  3. Deepen their understanding of your unique selling point and what differentiates you
  4. Reinforce their core values
  5. Help them to act in alignment and make value-based decisions
  6. Respond to your customers and not react to the marketplace
  7. Attract them by becoming a business that reflect or represent their values
  8. Build brand loyalty and give them a story to tell

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